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Data collective productions

After experiencing success with tech giants like Fiverr and SAMSUNG, GIGI Productions took a strategic step forward by launching Data Collective Productions, a subsidiary aimed at catering to the evolving needs of today's competitive market. In a landscape where attracting top talent and showcasing the distinct offerings of each company is crucial, we recognized the importance of drawing maximum attention to highlight the unique value proposition of every company. We understand that behind every high-tech company lies a compelling narrative—a story of innovation and transformative products that have reshaped the world. Our mission is to tell these stories in original and impactful ways, ensuring that each company's journey and contributions receive the attention and recognition they deserve.

Shani boneh

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Head of Marketing and Customer Development

With a rich experience in managing creative projects and a background in content writing and digital marketing in the Tech industry, Shani now leads GIGI production's subsiduriry DATA Collective Productions.

Shani is passionate about blending the creativity of advertising with the tech industry to showcase the unique stories, products, and values of established companies.

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