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For over a decade now, we, at Gigi Productions, have been leading the charge in advertising, crafting some of the most iconic and cherished campaigns in Israel. With our expertise in production, both domestically and abroad, we collaborate closely with affiliates in key hubs like New York, Berlin, and Warsaw. In addition, our footprint extends far and wide, as we've orchestrated grand-scale productions across the stunning landscapes of France, Italy, and Kyiv. Renowned for our knack for curating top-tier talent across various disciplines—photography, art, creative, lighting design, stagecraft, costume design, and writing—we ensure that each project radiates excellence. Armed with cutting-edge performance technologies and a group of industry-leading directors and creators, we approach every endeavor with boundless imagination, constantly pushing the boundaries of visual storytelling to authentically convey the essence and unique value proposition of our clients and their products.

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CEO & Founder 

Guy gigi itzik

Guy (GIGI) Itzik embarked on his visual odyssey through the lens of a professional photographer, developing his craft over two decades within the dynamic field of entertainment and production. Drawing from this extensive background of experience, Guy founded GIGI Productions with a singular mission: to infuse every project with the artistry and narrative depth that defines his storytelling expertise.

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